Anchor Bay Thai Kitchen     Authentic Thai cuisine, 707.884-4141, Anchor Bay

Coast Kitchen                         Contemporary meets old world style, 707.847.3231, Timber Cove

Cove Azul Bar & Grill            Continental & seafood, 707.884.1835, Gualala

Franny’s Cup & Saucer         Bakery confections, 707.882.2500, Pt. Arena

Gualala Pizza & Bakery        Tasty tacos, pizza & baked goods, 707.884.4055, Gualala

Gualala Supermarket           Deli & grocery, 707.884.1205, Gualala

Izakaya Gama                         Japanese cuisine, 707.485.9232, Pt. Arena

Point Arena Pizza                   Brick oven pizza, salads, beer & wine, 707.882.1960

Rollerville Café                       Comfort food, 707.882.2077, Pt Arena

Seafood Shack                        Fresh fish tacos, salads & burgers, 707.884.9511, Gualala

St. Orres                                   Wild & native north coast cuisine, 707.884.3335, Gualala

Surf Market                             An incredible selection of food & grocery, local organic produce, fish, meats, gourmet cheese, California wines, local brews, full-service                                                          deli, specialty sandwiches, 707.884.4184, Gualala

Taqueria Del Sol                     Mexican cuisine, 707.884.1692

The Black Door                       Mexican cuisine, 707.884.9695, Gualala

The New Museum                  Cool & hip family run brewery with food offerings, Pt Arena

The River Grill                          Located in the Garcia River Casino, 707.467-5300, Pt Arena

The Sea Ranch Golf Links     BBQ 42000 Slow smoked meat sandwiches & sides, 707.579.9777

The Sea Ranch Lodge             The Dining Room Locally inspired cuisine, 707.579.9777

The Sea Ranch Lodge             The Café Quick & healthy breakfast/lunch offerings 707.579.9777

Trink’s Café                               Sandwiches, salads, bakery, espresso, 707.884.1713, Gualala

Two Fish Baking Company   Local artisanal breads, pastries & more, 707.785.2011, Stewarts Pt

Upper Crust Pizzeria              Pizza, salads, beer & wine, 707.884.1324

Vue Coastal Kitchen              Seafood local fare, 707.884.9180, Gualala

White Cap Coffee & Tea        Ma & Pa coffee shop, 707.884.1800, Anchor Bay